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Is Showing Up the Hardest Part?

One of the hardest parts about friendship seems to be simply showing up for it. That sounds silly, but I’ve been engaged in this subject long enough to know that showing up truly seems to be the defining issue between … Continue reading

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Used-To-Be Friends or Still Friends?

We all know those fabulous women we have loved over the years, the ones where our shared history with them puts them in that special category of proven friends. When we talk to them, we  pick up right where we … Continue reading

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Join Me on a Tele-Course Journey for More Meaningful Friendships

Event Announcement: I heard Geneen Roth, author of Women, Food & God say it again today, “Having an ah-ha moment isn’t life changing.  You have to practice something for at least 21 days for it to change the way your … Continue reading

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The Mistake That Cost Me a New Friendship

On Saturday morning, a beautiful girl stood on the Spark & Hustle stage.  She was the only speaker of the 3-day conference to wear tennis shoes and jeans.  Her stylish t-shirt proclaimed “Save the Ta-tas.” Julia Fikse’s presentation, which was … Continue reading

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Yin Yoga Inspired Wisdom for the Friend-Making Process

A girlfriend invited a few of us to a yoga class last Thursday. Intrigued and moved by that practice of yin yoga, I signed my husband and myself up for a 3-hour workshop yesterday (ah, he’s such a good sport!)  … Continue reading

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