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The Test that 70% of Us Are Failing

Researchers are scratching their heads trying to figure out why it’s so rare to have women talking to each other about something other than men. The Bechdel Test for Movies If you watched Miss Representation several years ago or have … Continue reading

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Not Enough Time for Friends? Awesome Examples of Structuring Life Around Relationships

When I ask women what one thing they wish they could change about their friendships– the number one answer is along the lines of wishing their friends made more time for them. We’re weary by how we have to schedule … Continue reading

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The Power of Witnessing Each Other

Yesterday I just sat and listened to her talk about me even though my impulse was to interrupt. I Panicked. If you’re keeping track, not that I expect you to, but if you were, then you’d notice that it’s been … Continue reading

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