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Choose Friends. Make Time. Repeat.

We’ve all heard the stories of people on their death-beds saying things like, “I wish I had made more time for my family and friends,” or “I wish I had played more, not taken it all so seriously.”  We pass … Continue reading

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Time to Plan an Adult Sleep-Over with Friends!

The power of sleep-overs is something we don’t think much about as adults, or do all that frequently.  But we should.  There are still few experiences that can accelerate our intimacy and deepen our hearts as having un-rushed time together … Continue reading

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Expectation Hangovers in Friendships

When I saw that my friend Christine Hassler was celebrating the launch of her new book with a book party in NYC when I happened to be in town for another event, I quickly signed up to be there, one … Continue reading

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5 Types of Vulnerability: It’s Way More than Skeletons in Your Closet!

I believe that our greatest fear is rejection— the worry of what people think of us, the desire to be accepted, the craving to feel like we are good enough. So anything that risks us possibly feeling rejected is going … Continue reading

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