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Top 11 Most Popular Friendship Articles of 2014

I typically round-up my top 10 articles, but this year there was a tie between two of them so it’s my top 11! Thanks for being a part of this community as a woman who is committed to being a … Continue reading

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3 Ways to Increase Meaningful Connection this Holiday Season

The caricature of women during the holiday season is one of a frazzled, exhausted, pressure-filled, and over-extended woman.   I’m not entirely sure how true that is anymore? I’m holding out hope that we’re getting better at picking the events that … Continue reading

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My Prayer for You: Feel Love Even When Insecure

Today when I sat with what I most wanted to say to you… I felt like I just wanted to pray for you. To pray for you to feel loved this month…. Particularly as we are in moments where we’re … Continue reading

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