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2 Ways to Respond to Friends Who Annoy or Frustrate

While these two steps won’t fix every friendship, they are certainly the first two steps we should practice in our attempts to repair or enhance a friendship that isn’t feeling super meaningful. All too often we become increasingly frustrated or … Continue reading

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The Verdict: Can Men and Women Be Close Friends?

This is a question I am asked somewhat frequently:  Can men and women be just friends? And the answer is always somewhat unsatisfying because as much as we long for a clear-cut yes or no, we all know that the … Continue reading

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The Cost of the Constant Catch-Up Cycle

Lunch with a friend? Yeah it was okay…. nothing amazing. Phone call with a friend? Glad we got that out-of-the-way for another 2 months…. Dinner with an out-of-town friend? Meh. She’s texting me to see when we can get together … Continue reading

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How to Respond to a Friend’s Pity Party

I woke up early yesterday morning unable to go back to sleep, which is unusual for me.  But my mind was so busy hurling accusations at me that no lullaby could be heard above the ugly words. In the dark … Continue reading

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