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Friendship Trends & Changes

I’m feeling a bit reflective this week as we are re-launching after our initial opening nearly 8 years ago. In a few ways now feels very similar to then as every new beginning is fueled with both a sense of … Continue reading

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3 Tips for Successfully Making New Friends

I’ve got good news and bad news as I share my 3rd video in our series this week. The good news is that with practice I am getting better:  it’s shorter and I don’t think I use any of the … Continue reading

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The Four Most Common Types of Loneliness

Hello GirlFriends! I am more convinced than ever that the vast majority of us are suffering from loneliness. And it’s not that we’re hermits or socially awkward individuals as much as it’s a combination of: We’re exhausted and distracted with … Continue reading

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Three Biggest Reasons We Need Friends

Hello GirlFriends! is getting ready to re-open on July 19 with a bigger vision and a more beautiful interface! Woohoo! I want to share with you WHY we’re going through all this effort to revision and relaunch our community … Continue reading

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