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How to Say “Not Interested” Nicely?

I’m often asked “What do I do if someone wants more of a friendship with me than I want with them?” Or, “How can I tell someone, without hurting their feelings, that I’m not interested in spending more time with … Continue reading

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4 Ways to Not Let Politics Ruin Our Friendships

I saw on the news last night that the American Psychological Association says that “fully half of Americans say that the election has been a very, or somewhat significant, source of stress” for us.  In fact, a new term has … Continue reading

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What If No One Shows Up To My Event?

I LOVE teaching but sometimes we can learn even more through the stories and experiences of each other so I’ve asked Katrina Emery, a GFC member who lives in Portland OR, to help curate and write up some stories that … Continue reading

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Dopamine: Relationships are “Supposed To” Give Energy

We keep hearing how good relationships are for us, but what do you do when relationships drain you, scare you, or exhaust you? Or maybe life just feels so blah now that you’re left feeling lethargic, stressed-out, weary, or flat? … Continue reading

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