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This blog is about friendship: How to create a sense of belonging. How to foster friendships where we feel supported. How to appropriately be vulnerable. How to meet new people.

These are all important questions that few of us have been taught.

This blog, written by Shasta Nelson, a friendship expert, author, and the founder of GirlFriendCircles.com seeks to teach us all how to develop more significant relationships in our lives.

Why?  Friendships Matter Big Time to Our Health & Happiness!

While many consider the subject of friendship to be fluffy, girly or simply warm-and-fuzzy; the research is actually showing that it is in fact one of the most significant factors to our health and happiness. Which is no small claim.

Under the guiding belief that our friendships impact our health as much, or more, than the gym, whether we’re married, eating organic vegetables or reading any amount of self-help books, I can only hope that all of us women will invest equal amounts of time and energy into relational health and wellness.

“Low social connectedness compares to having the same health impact as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, to being an alcoholic, as more harmful than not exercising and twice as harmful as obesity!”  — PLoS Medicine journal highlighting research from 2010

“In the quest for better health, many people turn to doctors, self-help books or herbal supplements. But they overlook a powerful weapon that could help them fight illness and depression, speed recovery, slow aging and prolong life: their friends.”  — New York Times article, “What Are Friends For? A Longer Life.”

“One conclusion was blatantly clear from my happiness research: everyone from contemporary scientists to ancient philosophers agrees that having strong social bonds is probably the most meaningful contributor to happiness.”  —The Happiness Project (NY Times Bestseller), by Gretchen Rubin

In a climate where worry, depression, stress, lack of purpose and fear are rampant, it intrigues me that one of the best remedies could be friendship.

How? We Can Develop the Friendships that Matter!

Friendship is less about finding the “right” person, and more to do with developing the “right” relationship with the people in our lives.

So while many of us do need to make new friends– research shows that we replace half our friends every seven years now which means we are constantly replenishing our circle of friends for any number of reasons; we also need to learn how to develop deeper friendships.

This blog is about the research, the how-to’s, the inspiration and the ideas for how you can improve your life by giving attention to your circle of friends. And I welcome you to the conversation– sign up to receive new postings (3-4 a month) and join in contributing comments!

11 Responses to About this Blog

  1. Stacy says:

    It’s good to know that I am not the only one who has suffered a loss of friendship and felt the loneliness that it brings. We all have nostalgia and fond memories of things we’ve done and shared with our old friends in the past. The only remedy is to admit it and make new ones. I think posting a blog is a great idea.

  2. marcys says:

    If not having quality friendships is as bad for you as smoking 15 cigs a day, then I want my 15 cigarettes! LOL

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  4. Christina says:

    Hi Shasta…

    I don’t know if you have ever seen this but you might find this video inspiring.

  5. Jane Miller says:

    Hi Shasta,
    Its me Jane Miller, I apologies for the late reply. I love reading your inspiring words. My therapist told me about your website. I definitely know what it is like to be hurt by a friend, who that was as close to me as my bra. It will be three years this July 4th. While it was going through major changes in my life including recovering from a life-threatening infection job loss, bankruptcy, giving up my home after it was purchased less than three years, and my pet bird dying suddenly, and then finally having to it move back home with my Mother at 46 years old.. I had this friend for 20 years and very imagined she would be judge me. I walked away, because I was so hurt after already been beaten up with monumental circumstances. I really do not have a girlfriend or girlfriends. Too much stressful circumstances turned turns people away and what happened to me wasn’t my fault. That was eight years ago. I’ now going to be 53 in June and life is much better without having friends. I know that may sound like a terrible thing to say, but I do miss the communication. My therapist had a great idea giving me your website. Your writing is wonderful.
    I just know I will never be hurt like I was ever again. Thank you for your kind words.
    Jane M.

  6. freedom295 says:

    Hi Shasta,
    I created a blog account so I can be in touch with everyone! Did you receive my email? I just want to make sure I’m doing this right.
    Jane M

  7. Hi Shasta Nelson. Your blog made good reading ……..and I have posted your blog into wonderfulwednesaywomen page in facebook. Just initiating this group.
    “This interesting article shares the different purposes and benefits that gatherings can positively realise and bring about if diligently practised. This article doubles up as an umbrella introduction to wonderfulwednesdaywomen . Good reading.”

  8. Greetings Shasta. Thank you for your efforts to bring woman together in more in-depth meaningful relationships….Many things that are mentioned throughout the site, I can personally attest too being a reality both good and bad. At 47, many, too many, friends come and go. America is a hard place for a girl to let her hair down these days, personalities are intense, as are various amounts of disorders and substance abuse problems…..I find myself loving my cat more each passing day. I hope by reaching out through various resources, this site included, I am able to be a good friend and find a good friend. You work is appreciated. Happy New Year!

  9. Love your blog. Good contents too! 🙂

    Success to You!

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