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The Act of Vulnerability That No One Talks About

When we think of vulnerability, we all too often think of sharing our insecurities, anxiety, and stories of shame. But that type of sharing is only one out of the 5 ways to be vulnerable with others. It’s certainly important … Continue reading

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How to Respond to a Friend’s Pity Party

I woke up early yesterday morning unable to go back to sleep, which is unusual for me.  But my mind was so busy hurling accusations at me that no lullaby could be heard above the ugly words. In the dark … Continue reading

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Bring Back Pink

Last spring when we launched our “Feminism is a Team Sport” t-shirts, a girlfriend asked me if we had some in men’s sizes and styles. “With the pink letters and hearts on it?” I asked dubiously. To which she replied, … Continue reading

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The Power of Witnessing Each Other

Yesterday I just sat and listened to her talk about me even though my impulse was to interrupt. I Panicked. If you’re keeping track, not that I expect you to, but if you were, then you’d notice that it’s been … Continue reading

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Feminism is a Team Sport

Something magical happens when women gather in circle. Many of my best ideas over the years have happened in connection with others; when I get to hear myself think out loud, when they say something that resonates, when their brainstorms … Continue reading

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