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The Four Most Common Types of Loneliness

Hello GirlFriends! I am more convinced than ever that the vast majority of us are suffering from loneliness. And it’s not that we’re hermits or socially awkward individuals as much as it’s a combination of: We’re exhausted and distracted with … Continue reading

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National Best Friends Day: But I Don’t Have One

Tomorrow, June 8, is widely purported to be National BFF Day. It’s a day where I want to invite those of you with meaningful friendships to celebrate them (call them! give them a shout out on Facebook! write a text … Continue reading

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Feeling the Edge of My Circle of Love

The month of Christmas, for all it’s wonder and festivities, can also be a season where our “edge of love” can rear its little head. I call it the “edge of love” because even the most loving, non-judgmental, and kind … Continue reading

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With Whom Should I Be Vulnerable?

Relationship stress, parenting disappointments, financial scarcity, career failures, crippling fears, health challenges, exhausting depression, unmet expectations, identity crisis, paralyzing indecision … There is so much in this life that hurts. As if those aches weren’t enough, compounding the fear and … Continue reading

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Are You Motivated Toward Pleasure or Away From Pain?

A guy giving me a sales pitch last year said to me, “We’ve found that only about 20% of people are what we call ‘Toward People’– the ones who move toward pleasure; the other 80% of people are ‘Away People’ … Continue reading

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