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The Verdict: Can Men and Women Be Close Friends?

This is a question I am asked somewhat frequently:  Can men and women be just friends? And the answer is always somewhat unsatisfying because as much as we long for a clear-cut yes or no, we all know that the … Continue reading

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Men Crave Intimate Friendships, Too

It felt like a sacred gift to be invited into a weekend of male bonding. While there had never been a sign hung that had said, “No girls allowed,” this year when the seven men gathered for the weekend that … Continue reading

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Bring Back Pink

Last spring when we launched our “Feminism is a Team Sport” t-shirts, a girlfriend asked me if we had some in men’s sizes and styles. “With the pink letters and hearts on it?” I asked dubiously. To which she replied, … Continue reading

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Friendships Don’t Just Happen – for Guy Friends

From Shasta:  I’ve long-held that most men crave more meaningful friendships and while I don’t have the same expertise and experience in teaching men as I do to women (that won’t stop me from trying though! ha!) I have been … Continue reading

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Men Really Need Intimate Friendships, Too

It’s a great honor for me to feature today’s guest post on my site–the author is not only one of the most emotionally healthy men I have ever met; a dynamic speaker, pulling people in on any stage; a wealth … Continue reading

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