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The 4 Bonding Styles– Which Is Yours?

Can you articulate what experiences you need to have with others to feel closer to them?  And did you know that while there are the 3 main requirements of all healthy relationships (consistency, positivity, and vulnerability, taught in Frientimacy), how … Continue reading

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The Verdict: Can Men and Women Be Close Friends?

This is a question I am asked somewhat frequently:  Can men and women be just friends? And the answer is always somewhat unsatisfying because as much as we long for a clear-cut yes or no, we all know that the … Continue reading

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With Whom Should I Be Vulnerable?

Relationship stress, parenting disappointments, financial scarcity, career failures, crippling fears, health challenges, exhausting depression, unmet expectations, identity crisis, paralyzing indecision … There is so much in this life that hurts. As if those aches weren’t enough, compounding the fear and … Continue reading

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The Myth that Keeps You Lonely

You wish you had the kind of girlfriend you could just text a code word to and she’d know exactly how to respond; the friend who would say, “Let’s just hang out this weekend” and you’d want nothing more than … Continue reading

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How to Find a Best Friend

In teaching the 5 Circles of Connectedness last night for a room full of women, I was reminded again how seeing the varying spread of our different types of friends can prove so insightful.  There are countless friendship principles that … Continue reading

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