Join Me on a Tele-Course Journey for More Meaningful Friendships

Event Announcement: I heard Geneen Roth, author of Women, Food & God say it again today, "Having an ah-ha moment isn't life changing.  You have to practice something for at least 21 days for it to change the way your brain thinks."

We know there are no instant fixes.  Yet we often find ourselves simply saying that we hope we make more friends and then not doing anything about it.  I invite you to step into 21-days of a journey with me!  Starting next week-- participate in a daily workbook journaling exercise designed to help you invite more meaningful friends into your life.

I'm including amazing coaching sessions with hopes of enticing a few of you to step into this.  I know it's not as obvious as weight loss, as crucial feeling as your finances or as appealing as romance-- but seriously friendship is in the same league in importance!  I hope you'll consider a fun and meaningful month-long journey of inspiration with me.

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For more information and to sign-up:

UPDATE:  This event is past. I've scheduled the next 21 Day Friendship cycle and invite you to RSVP.  I limit group size.  Hope you can join us!