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we'll give you two years completely free, with hopes that your area will keep on growing!

If we can match you right away
we hope you'll become a member so we can start introducing you to new friends!

(we'll search up to 15 miles from your US zip code or Canadian postal code)

Why we Charge

Four ways that we look forward to introducing you to new friends:

(Hover over our 4 ways of making friends to see the options available to you to connect with new friends.) get matched in a small group get matched in a small group get matched in a small group get matched in a small group

To make it as easy and fun as possible, we will connect you within two weeks to a group of 3-5 new girlfriends! GirlFriendCircles matches the candidates, schedules a get-together in a local cafe at a time that is convenient to your schedule and provides conversation starters to help everyone get to know each other in meaningful ways. Find the friends you connect with in a safe and fun group experience where you go past the small talk and get to know people in ways that enhance your life.

Seven reasons our members love us:

  1. We build friendships in small groups. Smaill talk, hand shaking, and working a crowd is not our cup of tea. Nor is writing back-and-forth in cyberspace but never actually meeting what we want. Neither is trying to hold an awkward conversation with a stranger as though we're on a date. So we meet each other in small groups so we can determine who we connect with best!
  2. We provide structure. In our ConnectingCircles we have a popular process where you're intentionally sharing fun but easy questions with each other so you're not at risk of any one person doing all the talking or of trying to think up conversation starters. We've got you covered so that you leave feeling known and have a good sense of each other!
  3. We give you all control. Some social clubs are all about one person planning all the events - this is not one of them. Our community is like a co-op and we think we're much stronger because we have so many different interests when we open it up to everyone! All girlfriends can host any events you want. You can connect with anyone you want, whenever you want. You can attend as much or as little as you want. You control your process.
  4. We value depth. Our goal isn't just for you to meet new people — we want you to actually create friendships that last! We expect our members to be consistent with each other so that a real friendship can form and we'll do all we can to help ensure that the process is meaningful and fun.
  5. We are way fun. We meet in ConnectingCircles at different cafes around the city so you get to try out new places, plus all the events listed are from the other women in the community so you're bound to be exposed to great events and opportunities you wouldn't have known about otherwise.
  6. We attract high caliber women. Because we charge a nominal fee (way cheaper than dating sites and health clubs!) we help weed out those who don't really value the importance of friendship. The women who join have had good girlfriends in their lives and know the worth of developing local friendships!
  7. We are super effective. Over 92% of everyone who has gotten involved has reported finding at least 3 potential friends. It's a bit like anything in life (i.e. Job hunting, house searching, dating) where sometimes you have to attend more than one Circle to find your group of friends, but we offer so many options and attract such awesome women that if this is important to you — it will work.
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